Friday, July 30, 2010


Summary points:

1. Class as the small, generally 2-5. Usually on a MIDlet, Canvas class, other classes are subsidiary.
2. Abandoning the concept of package package, are placed in the same layer structure.
3. On Monternet carriers allow users to use such procedures are used midp1.0 + various special API.
4. Cell phone text messages displayed on a class declaration alone, in order to cross cell phone after transplantation in Chinese, English changes.

Most of J2ME development is partially transformed J2EE development, and I am also:) should be aware of the concept of MVC pattern (M - Model, V - View, C - Control), after analysis of the code I feel this old bird MVC can also be used. However, what still needs to write for the (M - Model, V - View, C - Control, O - Object, S - Sprite, T - Tool).
Modules to complete the function:
Model: run method. Game operations for the kernel module.
View: paint method and draw the interface. Responsible for drawing all the game interface.
Control: commandAction methods keyPressed, keyRepeated, keyReleased method. Responsible for receiving all of the operations the user.
Object: (interpreted as: Object) Menu, Item, Image, Sound, RMS, Connection. Responsible for packaging all of the above objects, a call for other local programs.
Sprite: (interpreted as: the wizard) game object class. Such as aircraft, ammunition, maps, radar, and so on. Said little in front of the class to use measurement to achieve the program, so all the objects in this module.
Tool: (read as: tools) random number generator, trigonometric functions and much more.
Program Framework:
1. Color: definition of the basic color of the game
2. Anchor definition: text, picture posts into the position of the screen
3. Font definition: the font used in the game
4. Screen width: portability as much as possible in order to use this function drawing
5. Defines the direction of the game: mobile phone keypad layout is different from the general to do with the unified management of this variable
6. Button definition: different phone keys are different to do with the unified management of this variable
7. Button to set even the law: whether different phone bursts of different operating functions. With this realization is not firing bursts of mobile phones to achieve
8. Program Status: The game program on the user view to be started when the game started, you can start our program from loaded
9. The internal game state: state of the game that
11. Display screen running:
12. Hide [screen running:
13. Program initialization:
14. Suspend the operation status:
15. Stop running:
19.image: Pictures
20.sound: Sound management
21.item: Options management
22.command: button management Menu Manager
24.rms: Records Management
25.connect: File Transfer Management
26.socket: Network Management
27.CodeToObject: 2 binary files and image voice conversion
28.obj_init: Object constructor function is initialized
29.obj_paint: objects on the screen realization.
30.obj_way: method.
31.function: Function

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