Friday, July 30, 2010


Summary points:

1. Class as the small, generally 2-5. Usually on a MIDlet, Canvas class, other classes are subsidiary.
2. Abandoning the concept of package package, are placed in the same layer structure.
3. On Monternet carriers allow users to use such procedures are used midp1.0 + various special API.
4. Cell phone text messages displayed on a class declaration alone, in order to cross cell phone after transplantation in Chinese, English changes.

Most of J2ME development is partially transformed J2EE development, and I am also:) should be aware of the concept of MVC pattern (M - Model, V - View, C - Control), after analysis of the code I feel this old bird MVC can also be used. However, what still needs to write for the (M - Model, V - View, C - Control, O - Object, S - Sprite, T - Tool).
Modules to complete the function:
Model: run method. Game operations for the kernel module.
View: paint method and draw the interface. Responsible for drawing all the game interface.
Control: commandAction methods keyPressed, keyRepeated, keyReleased method. Responsible for receiving all of the operations the user.
Object: (interpreted as: Object) Menu, Item, Image, Sound, RMS, Connection. Responsible for packaging all of the above objects, a call for other local programs.
Sprite: (interpreted as: the wizard) game object class. Such as aircraft, ammunition, maps, radar, and so on. Said little in front of the class to use measurement to achieve the program, so all the objects in this module.
Tool: (read as: tools) random number generator, trigonometric functions and much more.
Program Framework:
1. Color: definition of the basic color of the game
2. Anchor definition: text, picture posts into the position of the screen
3. Font definition: the font used in the game
4. Screen width: portability as much as possible in order to use this function drawing
5. Defines the direction of the game: mobile phone keypad layout is different from the general to do with the unified management of this variable
6. Button definition: different phone keys are different to do with the unified management of this variable
7. Button to set even the law: whether different phone bursts of different operating functions. With this realization is not firing bursts of mobile phones to achieve
8. Program Status: The game program on the user view to be started when the game started, you can start our program from loaded
9. The internal game state: state of the game that
11. Display screen running:
12. Hide [screen running:
13. Program initialization:
14. Suspend the operation status:
15. Stop running:
19.image: Pictures
20.sound: Sound management
21.item: Options management
22.command: button management Menu Manager
24.rms: Records Management
25.connect: File Transfer Management
26.socket: Network Management
27.CodeToObject: 2 binary files and image voice conversion
28.obj_init: Object constructor function is initialized
29.obj_paint: objects on the screen realization.
30.obj_way: method.
31.function: Function

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HP and Novell reach a new exclusive alliance agreement

Recently, HP and Novell alliance reached an exclusive agreement to HP identity management center customers to migrate to Novell identity and security management solutions. As part of the agreement, HP and Novell will jointly offer migration services, HP will resell Novell identity and security management solutions, and Novell will license the technology to HP identity management center.

Earlier this year, HP announced that the investment will focus on identity management products focus on existing customers rather than selling products to new customers. To ensure that customers continue to receive high-quality identity management solutions, existing HP customers can take advantage of the advantages of the scheme, to migrate to Novell's industry-leading solutions. For customers do not choose to migrate, HP will continue to support it.

Novell's identity and security management solutions to help enterprise customers reduce the risk of identity and data theft, streamlining IT management and enhance business strategies and enhance the response line regulation, legal compliance, and many other business challenges.

HP and Novell migration program will provide full customer support throughout the migration process, including:

* HP identity management centers to provide current license - in the first 12 months, Novell will start to migrate to their identity and security management products provide customers with a complete license.

* Migration services - by the HP Consulting and Integration team provides services to ensure a smooth migration process smooth, the impact on customers to minimize business disruption.

* Joint development of migration tools - HP and Novell will develop tools to help their respective services team automatically and easily from a central HP identity management solutions to the migration of Novell.

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MPC to Zune Deluxe

MPC to Zune Deluxe is a visual multifunctional and graphical audio editor which allow you to perform various operations with audio data such as displaying a waveform image of an audio file, filtering, applying various audio effects, format conversion and more. MPC to Zune Deluxe - Apply effects to selected area, zoom in/out, cut, copy, paste, mix, amplify, normalize, echo, stretch, fade in/out, invert, everse, null signal, silence, convert format, undo/redo etc. You can also record from any available source. Audio formats supported include: WAV, MP3, MP2, WMA, OGG, G721, G723, G726, VOX, RAW and PCM.
Spported conversions include: CD to WAV, MP3, WMA, and OGG; P3/WMA/OGG/WAV/AIF/VOX/MP2/MPC/G.72x/AU/RAW to MP3/WMA/OGG/WAV; WAV/MP3/WMA/OGG to CD burning, WAV/MP3 Compression, and two-way conversions among MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI, WMV, and ASF for video. MPEG options are available for VCD, SVCD, and DVD compliant output. DVD shrink functionality is also present. When converting from audio CD, track information can be dynamically downloaded from the CDDB and used to automatically name saved files.

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Youtube to MOV Help

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MP3 OGG to WAV supports AVI, DivX, XviD, MPEG, WMV, ASF to VCD,SVCD,DVD compatible MPEG format Supports AVI, DivX, XviD, MPEG, WMV, ASF to VCD SVCD image(*.BIN,*.CUE) and DVD-Video files(*.IFO,*.VOB,*.BUP) Batch files conversion Output size adjustment, output quality adjustment Cut unwanted parts by specifing start time and end time Add subtitile onto the output video.
Convert polyphonic MP3 and WAV files to MIDI MP3, CD, CDA, CD-R, DVD-Audio, AAC, AC3, ID3, M3U, M4A, M4P, MP3 ID3 Tag, OGG, RA, WAV, WMA, MP2, APE, VQF, MPC, AMR, Midi, WAVE, and RM format.