Monday, October 25, 2010

Express (FlashGet) The tone could be so cool

With Express (FlashGet) released the latest 1.82 version, the operation interface to rearrange the main menu, new icons, gives a fresh feeling. But after the download is complete, or so the harsh tone, with the new version seems very inconsistent. I decided to move hands to create Express (FlashGet) personalized tone.

First, find the sound settings

Express (FlashGet) has provided, set up in the "Add new task", "mission success", "mission failure", "full completion," the voice of the four states.
We in turn click on "Tools - Options - Program / Event", will see their presence (Figure 1). The "open voice" is selected, during the operation and download the appropriate end will hear the software comes with sound.

Figure 1

Second, understanding of sound files

By observing Figure 1, we find the sound file name suffix. Wav, in fact WAV (Wave Audio Files) is Microsoft's development of a sound file format, its extension. Wav, audio to save the Windows platform, information resources, Windows platforms and applications are supported.

In our operating system already comes with a tape recorder, use it to record the sound files can satisfy Express (FlashGet) needs. Click the "Start - Programs - Accessories - Entertainment - Sound Recorder", tape recorders appeared in our eyes (Figure 2).

Figure 2

Using a headset, we just click on red circle recording button, you can record your voice down. In order to show personality, we can talk about for the previous four state record. "Male, download completed, come take a look at beauty bar", "handsome, download failed, the reason for you Come Zhao Zhao," ... ....

If you prefer online sound files of some classic comedy, which we can download to a local, through a number of software and convert them into. Wav format, so your download tone more lively sense of humor.

Third, set the character voices

Everything was ready, we first selected in Figure 1, "event" in a certain one, then click "Browse" to find the voice and make sure to use. This operation to complete the full set.
Personalized tone results in the end how what? Select the appropriate event, click on "Play" that can listen about.

Thus, the Express (FlashGet) to download individual tone has been completed, still waiting for? To get to the Internet to download some crazy, feeling called "male" sense of satisfaction it!

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

To prevent the most effective way to Trojan

Anti-Trojan way to teach everyone, only for web Trojans, there are more than 90% efficiency, can prevent over 90% on your machine Trojan is executed, or even anti-virus software is able to detect the Trojan can prohibit the implementation. Before the point of principle.

Trojan is now nothing more than a page in the following ways to your machine in

1: the Trojan files into BMP files, and then with you in the machine to restore DEBUG EXE, 20% of online presence of the Trojan

2: download a TXT file to your machine, and then inside there is a specific FTP ^ - ^ for, FTP to connect their machines to download Trojan horse, the existence of the Trojan line of 20%

3: The most common way is to download an HTA file, and then the interpreter with a web control to restore the Trojan horse. The Trojan horse for more than 50% of online presence

4: The JS script, use the VBS script to perform the Trojan file, this type of Trojan horse to steal QQ, more, less stealing legend, probably about 10%

5: other

Now is the method to prevent

That is to windowssystemmshta.exe file rename, change what their casual (Win XP and Windows 2000 is in system32 under) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftInternet ExplorerActiveX Compatibility under the Active Setup controls to create a new key based on CLSID (6E449683_C509_11CF_AAFA_00AA00 B6015C), then the new key create a REG_DWORD value type of key Compatibility, and set the key to 0x00000400 can.

There windowscommanddebug.exe and windowsftp.exe gave a change of name (or deleted)

Some of the latest effects of the most popular Trojan defense

Such as the popular network smss.exe Trojan horse that is one of the main body hidden in the 98/winme/xp c: windows directory, 2000 c: winnt .....

If you are in this Trojan first, we end with the process manager smss.exe trojan is running and then in C: windows or c: winnt directory create a 0 price and is set to read-only attribute smss.exe ~ (2000/XP NTFS disk formats, then so much the better, you can use the "Security Settings" is set to read) After this Trojan did not re-infection had been tested this way for many Trojans have a great effect. After such modifications, I am specifically looking for someone to test the hair of the Trojan site, the experimental results is about 20 trojans on the site, there will be about 15 Rising alarm, another 5 did not reflect the Rising, and my machine does not add out of the new EXE file, and no new process appears, but some remained in the wreckage of Trojan IE temporary folder, they are not enforcing it, there is no risk, it is proposed that we often clean up temporary files folder and IE.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Non-fiction list: set list "fashion" and "elegant"

The largest book market in 2006 list "'to study life-changing' Dangdang of the most influential annual book named" astonishing debut. The high gold content - all public voted to win the support of nearly a million readers in the domestic book market, which was a very unique beautiful scenery, and a textbook of many book lovers vane. The most popular book readers surfaced, non-fiction book list situation transform the competitive scene, it reflects the tendency of readers to read and taste changes, there is a great reference value for the market, called the largest list of domestic book market .

"Elegant": foreign monks chanting

Impressively out on top of non-fiction is the French fashion industry leading authority Andong Li Dealiao Mrs. classic "elegant", from the list results, "elegant" by such as a dark horse, battle through ranks, as if an alien posture will be chanting monks, surrounded by the vast number of Chinese readers, the final by a narrow margin win over the hot-selling fiction books, crowned Top10 top, of course, be non-fiction books list the first, "elegant," called the French fashion leading authority Andong Li Deeliao Mrs. classic since its introduction, best-selling Europe and the United States, on the stroke of her beautiful, wonderful and detailed proposals put forward. From the everyday to the small zipper accessories, Dealiao wife for all fashion problems Meaningful comments made concisely.

Local Library: an occasion to rally

First of all, that culture books, with the Beijing TV "Dream Man" large pick to the event, "Red House Literature" revival climax coming, cultural essays books "called A Reveal" Red, "" hot again The book is called A well-known Mr. CCTV-10 100 Dream forum talks in a written assembled, he started from the Twelve Beauties of Jinling in the qing and careful verification of the prototype of the book of life of all people, recovery of the "red Building Dreams "era of the birth of style, won the first human Essay category list. A nation, it is that ancient immortal soul, to all forms of expression in the endless time and space, one of the most important form, is reflected in their mother tongue to write a classic text. As Shakespeare and theater in Britain, Cao Xueqin and "Dream of Red Mansions" is part of the Chinese nation immortal soul. How to help it carry forward will be the external factors put a heavy task before us, television is undoubtedly popular culture to the revival of traditional Chinese literature played a positive stimulant to make such classics as the Red House to the waves in overcoming all obstacles, shine, good news.

In addition, the national history books, the Yi Zhongtian, Professor of the "Three Kingdoms" is still the list, he chaos to the Qin and Han dynasties; from the Three Kingdoms to return to unity of official history records, unofficial legend, drama presentation, Romance novels; different times Commentary different; different works of different descriptions; non-true and false opinion; success or failure suspicions; Xiamen University President, Professor Yi Zhongtian civilians standing position, through the modern perspective, the use of three-dimensional structure; to story characters to historical figures that to history that culture to culture that life; one of the words of the Three Kingdoms. In the course of the book publicity, television and online media for the attention of Chinese history and culture also played an indelible role, as "the Ming Dynasty that thing," spread rapidly through the network, wide concern. The security means, such as the "if only as shown signs of life" after experiencing a plagiarism controversy, returned to the limelight from the underestimation of the wave, a major media hype of the popular shows to boost local book an occasion to martial artists.

Other list: Eight Immortals, the fancy takes

Intimate sister Erikson's "Tell your child, you're list! "Stood out single broke into the Top50, and access to family education, list the first author with a long period of extensive and close contact with children, able to respect children, while educating and guiding children. Her book to the many important points, a large number of successful experiences and failures, for contemporary parents are extremely useful. This is also the book had the overwhelming support of parents, the reasons for the reader.

Has been inspirational entrepreneurs who loved books, competition is fierce, and finally, "How to control your own time and life" to a clear advantage was the first such book, author Alan La Professor Jin, the United States "time Management of the Father ", he pioneered the method of time management, after the Stephen Covey (" Seven Habits of capable and efficient, "the author) inherit and carry forward. Time management book is the most outstanding classical works, the main content has been in the "Reader's Digest", "New York" magazine and "Metropolis" magazine.

Beautiful list, with a "beautiful code" to the reader about the pursuit of beautiful images of women necessary to correct knowledge, not just the attention to certain aspects of the United States, but to achieve harmony in all aspects, the formation of the natural harmony of the United States. Kim Eun-joo of the color of personal color consultant, color psychology expert, as many South Korean politicians and CEO's professional image consultant, set up in the CBS broadcast of "working people the image of the design" column.

To be such as "Dream of Red Mansions" as the real long-term eye books attract readers, it needs great efforts on the content of the book, otherwise, short-eye culture will always be only a moment. Dangdang held this selection not only fully cover the range of readers reading reflects the tendency of readers to read the change and adhere to, and, for the Chinese classical literature and modern literature the degree of integration also made the depth of interpretation and expression, but also purchase of books for readers to choose the direction of providing a good guide, called the book market in the Bangzhong Bang.

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